With my coaching, riders have successfully achieved their cycling goals, ranging from returning to pre-injury fitness levels and confidence following a serious crash to achieving a 3rd place in a UK qualifying race for the UCI GF Finals. Chiltern Road Cycle Coaching riders have completed various sportives and ultra-distance road events within their timing goals and have developed the skills from novice level to successfully compete in team time trials.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynda as a cycle coach

Lynda developed for me training plans which would, and did, help me achieve the various cycling goals I had set myself for 2018. These plans focussed not only on developing my level of fitness (which I considered to be pretty good)  but also on my bike handling and group riding skills, both of which I quickly began to realise were pretty poor! Under Lynda’s guidance I have made good progress on all 3 fronts – ie  fitness/bike handling skills / group riding skills.

As an example of developing group riding skills, Lynda encouraged me to join the local cycle club result rather than just ride on my own all the time. With this encouragement, I am now confident to ride in a group ….and to ride with faster riders, thereby improving my overall performances ,not to mention my enjoyment of cycling.

I have set myself more challenging goals for 2019 and with Lynda’s continued guidance, I am confident that they will be achieved.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynda as a cycle coach.

Graham Getty

She has great empathy, listens very well and is intuitive

Lynda has been a tremendous support and resource for me. She coached a group of individuals with hugely varying cycling abilities into a 9-up TT team.

It was a great experience, and Lynda’s guidance definitely brought us all together, improved everyone’s bike handling, built confidence at riding in close formation, and taught us how to ride competitively.

On a personal note, Lynda has been a great support to me as I recovered my fitness and confidence after chemotherapy. She has great empathy, listens very well and is intuitive. She is also tough, knows when to push and when to hold, and can deliver a hard message with directness that I really respect. She is kind, supportive and positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynda.

Jo Hutchinson

Dedicated, Hardworking and Experienced

Lynda is a great cycling coach, she’s very hardworking/experienced and is very much dedicated to the job, she will help push you through and a great motivator.

Matt Hunt

With my improved cycling technique, I won the British champs road race in my age group

I had coaching this year before doing a 9 up time trial. The coaching was fun, interesting, and I learnt a lot. Our whole team improved massively over the coaching period, and we did very well in the 9 up event. And since then, with my improved cycling technique, I won the british champs road race in my age group.

Caroline Whittaker

I found myself being stronger than before my accident

My name is Paul Hughes and I am an average 61-year-old club cyclist and this is my story.

During September 2017 I had a bad crash resulting in shoulder surgery that kept me off the bike for 4 months. I knew I wanted to get back to the type of riding I had been doing prior to the accident. So in January 2018, for a period of 16 weeks I enlisted the help of Lynda.

Lynda devised a program of training with my aim in mind. This was initially based on a smart trainer with the use of Zwift as I could not at this stage ride on the roads on advice from the physiotherapist.

The program started by building up my endurance this was then followed by specific training to develop my weaker point of cycling, ie the ability to produce high power output at a low cadence, as I naturally ride at a fairly high cadence.

Lynda was able to introduce enough variety of indoor sessions as not to make it to monotonous. Always pushing me as I got fitter again.

On my return to the roads I found myself being stronger than before my accident, especially in the ability to be able to turn a higher gear. I would credit Lynda with any improvements in my cycling and found her to be very knowledgeable, professional, flexible and supportive and would highly recommend her as a cycling coach.

Paul Hughes

Highly recommended and very pleased

Highly recommended and very pleased. I’ve used Lynda as a coach since March and have seen a marked improvement in my performance. I have really enjoyed having someone to talk to about my cycling and appreciate the way Lynda will listen to my needs and time availability to agree a structured training plan targeted for me to help achieve my goals.

Andrew Murphy

Exceeded all my expectations.

I started coaching sessions with Lynda when recovering from injuries sustained in a cycling accident. Little did I realise at that time how great the benefits would be for me! Lynda’s expertise, professionalism and passion for cycling meant that within 14 weeks i was back to full fitness and had exceeded all my expectations.

My aims were to get my confidence and fitness back to a level that would allow me to complete the Tour of Cambridge (80 miles) and Ride London and eventually get me back to club riding at my pre-accident pace.

Following an initial assessment Lynda introduced me to Zwift (proved to be invaluable in the early stages of training) and took me through a series of stretching exercises to help with leg and core strength. We did some road rides to assess my bike handling and road skills. She then provided me with a 24 week high level plan broken into 6 week phases which described the key fitness and skills goals and how they would be achieved and monitored. A weekly plan followed with details of each day’s training, e.g. Zwift bespoke workout, stretching, road ride, rest days. All planning was designed to fit round my day-to-day life and Lynda was always keen to share her extensive knowledge on training equipment (she helped me resolve a number of Zwift problems), bike setup, pacing, group riding skills, technical skills, bike maintenance, nutrition etc.

At the end of each week we discussed progress and the next week’s plan. I always felt training was set at the right level for my ability but i also felt I trained at a level that would not have been possible on my own. Lynda had a structured approach to measuring progress using FTP, RPE scale, HR monitoring and Strava stats. The more progress I made the more motivated i felt to keep going. Lynda was hugely encouraging and always made it clear what needed to be done but was always realistic. Her passion, knowledge and experience were vital to my training progress.

Over a 14 week period my FTP went from 144 to 172 (2.77 to 3.3w/Kg), my resting HR from 55 to 46 and maxHR from 166 to 175. I felt stronger both mentally and physically. I’ve improved my cycling skills, learnt how to ride a TTT and realised the benefits of indoor training. I’m back doing club rides as strong as I was last year. However the biggest prize for me was not just completing the ToC, but coming 3rd in my age category and qualifying for the world championships, something I never thought possible 6 months ago when I was hospitalised with 4 major fractures. One thing I do know – I couldn’t have done it alone!

Cathy Budd